We make extraordinary floors for people who expect more, people who do not seek the ordinary, but look for added value and want to see their personality and lifestyle reflected in a floor.

Balterio Rigid Vinyl
The new multi-layered rigid vinyl planks and tiles combine extreme strength with ultimate comfort inside.
Each layer brings a clear benefit: strong, soft and silent, attractive and high performing.



Rigid vinyl planks and tiles are made of PVC, so the product itself is waterproof. A Balterio rigid vinyl floor is the perfect solution for kitchens and bathrooms.
Even the matching accessories have a PVC core, so the skirtings and profiles are waterproof too.


Stain & scratch resistant
Whether it’s kids playing or pets running around, this floor can take a beating. The high performance wear layer protects the floor from scratches and stains, so you can enjoy its beautiful design for years.


Ortho phthalate free
Balterio rigid vinyl completely consists of 100% high quality material. It’s pure virgin PVC without any cork, wood or cement fibre additives and has no harmful substances: the plasticizers used are ortho phthalate free. What’s more, Balterio vinyl is odourless . Even the way we produce our rigid vinyl floors is sustainable, thanks to green energy initiatives.


Natural wood structure

Rigid vinyl planks with natural wood structure are pure and soft wood designs, realistic as nature and full of character. Natural beauty combined with refined elegance.

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Natural variety
Flooring built up with the exact same planks screams fake. That’s why we invest in natural variety. The different decors in our premium 9 mm collections consist of minimum 20 different planks, each with their own wood pattern, so there’s hardly repetition in a floor.


Micro V groove

Some collections have a subtle micro V groove on the sides, for a refined and truly elegant parquet effect.

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Balterio is a major producer of innovative, stylish, quality laminate floors and rigid vinyl floors.
The extensive, luxurious collection closely reflects market requirements and the latest design trends.

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