Balterio Laminate Flooring

We make extraordinary floors for people who expect more, people who do not seek the ordinary, but look for added value and want to see their personality and lifestyle reflected in a floor.

Balterio LaminateTraditions Series
Beautiful wood design, full of character: several traditional oaks from elegant to rustic and exotic woods with a wonderful realistic look and feel. A Traditions floor is what you call a natural beauty, even in a kitchen and bathroom, as the planks are water resistant.
And what’s more: it’s stronger than ever.


Most Balterio floors receive a permanent anti-static treatment, so static electricity charges cannot accumulate anymore,
even in dry climate conditions.
Anti-static surfaces are easier to clean as dirt and dust adhere less to the floor

Eco Label
Balterio laminate floors carry the European Ecolabel.
The EU Ecolabel is a label of environmental excellence that is awarded to products and services meeting high environmental standards throughout their life-cycle: from raw material extraction, to production, distribution and disposal. (2)

Extremely scratch resistant
This floor is extremely scratch resistant: the top layer with patented Scratch Protect technology offers the best possible protection against micro scratches. (3)


HydroShield combines a tight and water repellent click system with natural looking V-grooves: no water can seep into the click joints.
It’s the perfect solution for kitchens and bathrooms. (4)

Natural V-groove
The grooves are pressed in the top of the plank on all four sides.
The wood pattern and structure run naturally into the bevel as in real wooden planks,
and the core is better protected against moisture. (5)

Natural variety

Flooring built up with the exact same planks screams fake. That’s why we invest in natural variety.
The different decors in our premium 9 mm collections consist of minimum 20 different planks, each with their own wood pattern, so there’s hardly repetition in a floor. (6)

Balterio laminate floors carry the PEFC label your guarantee of responsible forestry management, which is your guarantee of responsible forestry management and conservation.
For every tree that we chop down, we plant a new one. (7)

True to nature
These floors have a true-to-nature touch meaning that the structure follows the design.
This embossing process accentuates the natural wood grains and knots with variations in depth and gloss on multiple levels.


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Balterio is a major producer of innovative, stylish, quality laminate floors and rigid vinyl floors.
The extensive, luxurious collection closely reflects market requirements and the latest design trends.

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