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New category system used in the fresh CPI try a somewhat changed federal form of COICOP


  • Classification: COICOP 2018
  • Measurement: Fixed-legs index in accordance with =100)
  • Adjustment: Perhaps not seasonally adjusted (NSA)
  • Indigenous frequency: Month-to-month
  • Start big date to possess standard directory: 1976m1 due to the fact reported, 1974m10 enhanced
  • Initiate big date to own outline: 2020m12
  • CCIF 2015, m12 ("_15")
  • m6 ("_06")


Regardless of if specific sandwich-parts of COICOP was went from significant group to some other, plus the acquisition and you may constitution of a few of the biggest section were changed, the newest federal variety of COICOP shall be mapped effortlessly to the globally particular COICOP.

All socio-economic strata was represented on CPI. Omitted on the index's source populace was categories of more 7 low-associated somebody surviving in the same construction equipment.

This new CPI try collected playing with a variety of urban areas and you can almost every other combined urban/rural areas in which an overwhelming per cent of one's society everyday lives and you may an amount significant number out-of user paying compared to society total.

The latest COICOP-founded national group and you can coding system used for the latest CPI are including twelve Departments otherwise major communities, 31 sub-communities, 54 classes, 82 sandwich-kinds, 292 posts, and you may 398 kinds.

Each other sector basket loads and month-to-month prices used in the new collection of your own CPI are valued within sector rates, along with transformation taxation and applicable discounts. Outlined device attribute study plus regards to purchases are included given that part of the specifications for monthly price range.