Engineered Wood Flooring


Foglie d’Oro Jumbo Floor is the maximum expression of Foglie d’Oro’s talent for creating floors of unique quality and dimensions. Available in Oak, European Walnut or American Walnut, each floor in the Jumbo Floor line is a work of art able to embody an ancient history that requires no words to make a statement.

Made in Italy.


The highest level of precision in production guarantees the unique quality of every single parquet from Scheucher.
Both the optimal use of resources and the exclusive use of absolutely environmentally friendly methods in every single production step are among our principles and guarantee high quality products made in Austria.


MEISTER – Parquet flooring is a classic among floor coverings. This is hardly surprising, as only real wood brings this natural atmosphere into a room.

Made in Germany.

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SCHÖNER WOHNEN is Germany’s leading living and interior title. Licensed products from wall design to flooring and lighting.
Made in Austria.