Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring looks highly similar to hardwood flooring on the surface, but they share different structures underneath. Starting from the top, it features a thin layer of hardwood supported by a dense plywood core, which provides structural strength and stability. It is also this solid plywood core that adds to the enhanced water- and moisture-resistant capabilities of engineered wooden floors – since water is known as one of the biggest enemies of hardwood.


Unlike laminate flooring, engineered wood flooring is composed of a real timber veneer instead of a high-resolution wood image, allowing the natural aesthetics and textures of wooden floors to elevate your contemporary space. Meanwhile, the thickness of the decorative hardwood layer matters – the thicker it is, the longer the lifespan of these wooden floors and the more times they can be sanded and refinished to give your flooring a new look.


Foglie d’Oro Jumbo Floor is the maximum expression of Foglie d’Oro’s talent for creating floors of unique quality and dimensions. Available in Oak, European Walnut or American Walnut, each floor in the Jumbo Floor line is a work of art able to embody an ancient history that requires no words to make a statement.

Made in Italy.


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Both the optimal use of resources and the exclusive use of absolutely environmentally friendly methods in every single production step are among our principles and guarantee high quality products made in Austria.


MEISTER – Parquet flooring is a classic among floor coverings. This is hardly surprising, as only real wood brings this natural atmosphere into a room.

Made in Germany.

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SCHÖNER WOHNEN is Germany’s leading living and interior title. Licensed products from wall design to flooring and lighting.
Made in Austria.


Key Features of Engineered Wood Flooring

The topmost timber veneer lends several qualities of hardwood flooring to engineered wood flooring. It also provides the high strength and stability found in the plywood core, which is yet absent in hardwood flooring. In other words, engineered wooden flooring enjoys the best of both worlds: the key benefits of hardwood floors, and extra structural strength and moisture resistance.

Other features include:

  • Real timber patterns
  • Warm floors
  • Smooth hardwood textures
  • Lower costs than hardwood flooring

FAQs – Engineered Wood Flooring


Is engineered wood flooring waterproof?

No. Since the topmost layer of engineered wooden floors is made up of hardwood, it is likewise vulnerable to water exposure and typical damages such as wood swelling and warping. Natural timber is not waterproof at all.


However, due to its dense plywood core, engineered wooden flooring is relatively more water-resistant and stable in response to temperature and humidity changes than hardwood flooring.


Can engineered wood flooring be refinished?

If the topmost layer of your wooden floor is 3-4mm, you can sand and refinish them up to approx. 2-3 times maximum. Beyond sanding and refinishing, this type of wood has a longer lifespan than laminate flooring and LVT flooring!


Is an expansion gap necessary for engineered wood flooring?

Although engineered wooden flooring is more resistant to temperature and humidity changes than hardwood, the floorboards still expand. It is recommended to leave expansion gaps that allow for small movements.

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