Moduleo LayRed Luxury Vinyl Flooring

LayRed is Moduleo’s strongest engineered vinyl floor and designed to stand its ground in the most extreme conditions.


All benefits of a Moduleo LayRed luxury vinyl floor


Excellent acoustics in the home

The acoustic layer in the middle absorbs the walking sound: no crackling or annoying clicking sounds when you step across the floor. The sound-dampening properties are demonstrably better than those of ceramic tiles, laminate, parquet and other rigid vinyl floors.


Easy to maintain and fully water resistant top layer

The protective top layer repels dirt and dust mites. While stains can be removed in no time, by simply brushing with pure water. You don’t need stubborn polishes. Vinyl repels water, making a Moduleo LayRed floor the ideal flooring solution for kitchens and bathrooms and also any other space in the home.


Excellent stability

A Moduleo LayRed floor guarantees high form stability. And that results in minimal shrinkage and expansion caused by changes in temperature, humidity or sunlight.


Exceptional pattern variety & hyper-realistic design

We create authentic vinyl floors with virtually no repetition. LayRed vinyl floors find their inspiration in nature. They look authentic and feel like that.

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Moduleo is 100% Belgian

Our Production Facility is located in Avelgem , Belgium and is designed to operate in the most responsible way possible.
We employ numerous initiatives to save energy, reduce or recycle waste. From our fully automated warehouse, we deliver your Moduleo floor quickly and on time to the Moduleo retailer nearest to you.


World number 1 in floor coverings

Moduleo Design Floors is the luxury vinyl flooring brand for residential use by IVC Group, market leader in LVT floors. Since 2015, IVC Group has been part of Mohawk Industries Inc., the world’s number one in floor coverings.



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