The new Triangular Love Measure (Sternberg, 1997) is modified to your Greek shot of the Kordoutis (2008)

The new Triangular Love Measure (Sternberg, 1997) is modified to your Greek shot of the Kordoutis (2008)

The new Triangular Love Measure (Sternberg, 1997) is modified to your Greek shot of the Kordoutis (2008)

An orientation from immigrants towards the its lifestyle culture will be significantly more predictive off all the way down like proportions, if you are a direction to the Greek culture is more predictive out-of large like proportions.


Total, 333 anyone employed in the greater part of Athens, old from 18 in order to 66 decades (M=, S.D.=), participated in this research. Of one’s players 231 (69.4%) was in fact Greek (89 guys and you can 142 girls) and you can 102 (29.6%) have been immigrants of Albania (29 people and you will 72 women). There were zero high variations about your country while the intercourse out-of members. Throughout the forty two.5% (163 anybody) was indeed partnered having students, 21.9% (72 anyone) had been hitched with no college students and you may twenty-eight.6% (94 some one) were unmarried.


Studies range taken place last year. New surveys was basically given yourself to every participant immediately following which have gotten agree. For each participant was given an arbitrarily ordered survey package one to needed these to respond to questions. It had been showcased your study was basically private, this new participation voluntary there was zero duty to join or to carry on participating.


The balances of one’s questionnaire package was basically interpreted out-of Greek on the Albanian from the bilingual sound system (and you can interpreted returning to Greek). All of the users done next strategies:

The household Well worth Size (Georgas, 1999), used in the modern analogy, measures two situations: (a) hierarchical jobs regarding father and mother (the father must be the direct away from loved ones, this new mom’s set was at household, the caretaker ought to be the wade-ranging from, the daddy should be the breadwinner, the mother will be accept the father’s ily in accordance with kin (parents is show students right behaviour, would be to honour and you may protect the fresh new family members’ reputation, issues will likely be solved contained in this members of the family, would be to maintain a relations that have family members, students is to take care of elderly parents). All the questions had been measures to your a five-point scale, which have one to indicating ‘disagree’ and you may four ‘agree’. Cronbach’s leader coefficients into the Albanian immigrants were ?=0.80 into the hierarchical roles off mom and dad, and ?=0.74 having members of the family relationships. To own Greeks, coefficients was ?=0.75 and ?=0.sixty respectively.

Immigrants’ acculturation was counted using a modified sort of the fresh new Vancouver List away from Acculturation (Ryder mais aussi al., 2000). New sorts of 18 items used in this research assesses this new useful source society and you may conventional size of acculturation. The 2-dimensional design allowed us to investigate the new integration toward a few societies independently. Facts was indeed when you look at the pairs for more life domain names (everyday life, in the world wedding, category correspondence), having that product inside each pair writing on tradition and also to Greek culture. Examples of circumstances are ‘I’m searching for maintaining otherwise developing way of living off my tradition culture’ ‘I’m looking Greek traditions’. Per items had a good 5-area Likert-layout score. Most of the subscale yielded an overall rating from engagement inside lifestyle and you will within the popular Greek community, with a score of 1 indicating a reduced amount of culture involvement and a score of five showing a premier degree of society wedding. In today’s attempt, Cronbach’s leader coefficients both for Greek and you may Albanian professionals have been ?=0.84 having tradition measurement and good=0.75 for traditional aspect.

The latest Greek version contains slight changes from Sternberg’s version, highlighting social differences between nations. The newest Triangular Love Size contains three subscales: Closeness, Hobbies and you may Connection. The brand new Intimacy subscale contains fifteen items built to evaluate thoughts out of love, closeness, connectedness and you can bondedness inside a relationship (‘We receive big emotional support of _____,’ ‘I feel near to _____,’ ‘I feel that we can definitely trust _____, etc.). The new fifteen products which compensate the fresh Welfare subscale assess ‘the newest drives conducive in order to love, physical interest, intimate consummation, and you will associated phenomena during the loving relationships’ (‘I can not consider another individual and make myself since happy as the ____ does’, ‘There is nothing more important if you ask me than simply my connection with _____’, ‘My personal experience of _____ is quite romantic’) (Sternberg, 1997, p. 315 ). The choice/Commitment subscale (15 products) analyzes ideas regarding balances and you will dedication to keeping the love (‘I could usually end up being an effective responsibility to possess _____’, ‘I assume my personal fascination with _____ to continue for with the rest of my life’, ‘I can’t think end my reference to _____’). All the questions had been steps into the a great 9-point scale, that have you to definitely demonstrating ‘highly disagree’ and you can 9 ‘highly agree’. In the present decide to try, Cronbach’s alpha coefficients toward Albanian immigrants had been for Intimacy ?=0.93, having Hobbies ?=0.90 and for Relationship ?=0.93. To have Greeks, coefficients have been ?=0.96, ?=0.90 and you may ?=0.95, respectively.

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