Guide to Choosing the Right Moisture-proof Wooden Floor

Guide to Choosing the Right Moisture-proof Wooden Floor

The natural texture of wooden floors provides a calming, minimalist aesthetic, while its warmth adds comfort to any home. Loved by many for its beauty and functionality, wood flooring can be prone to mold and even deformation in Hong Kong’s warm, humid climate. This article will guide you in choosing the most moisture-proof wooden floor and correct maintenance methods to preserve its quality and durability.

Three Types of Wooden Floors

The market offers a variety of woods, each varying in price, quality, and moisture resistance. Here’s an introduction to three popular choices for home flooring: solid wood, engineered wood, and laminate floors.

1. Solid Wood Floor

Solid wood flooring, one of the most classic types, is made from natural timber. It’s known for its natural unique grain, comfortable texture, and natural wood scent. However, solid wood is susceptible to moisture, demanding meticulous cleaning and maintenance to preserve its quality.

2. Engineered Wood Floor

Constructed from three or more layers of crisscrossed wood timber with a top layer retaining the quality of solid wood, engineered wood flooring resembles solid wood but offers superior stability. It expands and contracts less, even in Hong Kong’s humid weather, making it a reliable and durable choice for homes.

3. Laminate Floor

Laminate flooring, is a high-density wood fiber-compressed material. This cost-effective, scratch-resistant option is one of the easiest wooden floors to manage. However, during cleaning, avoid getting it too wet; keep it dry to maintain its quality.

Wooden Floor Maintenance Methods

Choosing the right wooden floor for your home is important, but maintaining its good condition requires careful attention to the following maintenance methods:

Moisture-proof Maintenance Method 1: Avoid frequent mopping

Mopping too frequently can significantly shorten the life of your floor. All types of wood are sensitive to moisture, which can seep through gaps during mopping. For wood floor cleaning, simply dust regularly and limit mopping to once or twice a week. Always ensure the mop is as dry as possible and wipe the floor dry afterward. Use neutral cleaners designed for wood floors and avoid bleach to prevent damage.

Moisture-proof Maintenance Method 2: Should Engineered Wood Floors be Waxed?

Opinions vary on whether to wax wooden floors. First, identify if your floor has a varnish or wax finish. Waxing aims to protect the protective layer on wax-finished floors by sealing out air and moisture. Varnished floors generally can’t be DIY waxed, as they require professional sanding and waxing (varnishing).

Moisture-proof Maintenance Method 3: Keep the Floor Dry

The most fundamental way to eliminate moisture is to maintain air circulation and a dry environment indoors. Regularly open windows or use fans or dehumidifiers to lower home humidity. Keeping your floor dry and clean can reduce mold growth, making your wooden floor more moisture-proof. You can also use desiccants or bamboo charcoal to reduce humidity. Additionally, regularly check water pipes and drainage systems for leaks to further reduce moisture accumulation.

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