Parquet Flooring (Artistic Handcrafted Wood Flooring)

Behold the intricate beauty of parquet flooring, the hardwood planks that exude elegance, luxury, and prestige. Introduced in 16th-century Italy, it brought a timeless appeal to Italian nobility palaces and lounges. Introduce the classic aesthetics of parquet flooring into your contemporary space to add a unique edge, and define luxury as a way of life.

In parquet flooring, wooden panels with a fixed dimension are laid in distinct, repeating patterns, making up a number of statement designs, such as the herringbone parquetry and chevron pattern. It manifests the finest artistic craftsmanship and quality.


Why Choose Parquet Flooring Designs?

An epitome of timeless classics and prestige, parquet flooring is a statement in any house or luxury space. Let the elegant and stylish patterns weave through your hallways, dining rooms, living rooms, and other formal places to emanate a classical flair. Parquet flooring usually comes in oak, walnut, and other hardwood species.


Precious Italian Floors, a wide range of exclusive parquet for personalized solutions.


Key Features of Parquet Flooring

  • Natural wood patterns
  • Warm floors
  • Smooth hardwood textures

FAQs – Parquet Flooring


Is parquet flooring hardwood?

Yes. Parquet flooring is made up of intricate patterns consisting of hardwood panels. Hence, it has all the distinctive qualities of hardwood flooring, including real wood aesthetics, natural textures, long lifespan, being warm underfoot, etc.


Can parquet flooring be refinished?

Yes. Parquet can be sanded and refinished the same approximate number of times as hardwood flooring. Yet, refinishing can deem challenging because of the inconsistent orientation of parquet panels. You may have to sand certain parts by hand to avoid cross-grain scratching.


How to install parquet flooring?

You can install this type of flooring by nailing, glueing, or stapling the parquet to the subfloor.


Is parquet better than engineered wood flooring?

Both types of flooring contain real wood, but they differ in designs and properties. If you are looking for classic and elegant patterns, parquet tiles are an ideal option to add a stylish edge. However, parquet is essentially hardwood and, therefore, more expensive and not resistant to moisture and humidity.

Similar in look and qualities to hardwood, engineered wood flooring is backed by a dense plywood core instead of coming in a single hardwood plank. It is more stable but lacks the artistic handcrafted designs of parquet.

The Story Behind Foglie d’Oro

Foglie d’Oro is the luxury flooring brand of the Brotto family, for over 50 years, the highest interpreter of a cabinet-making tradition that has its roots in time. Trained at a very young age in the noble art of wood, Sante Giorgio Brotto started his own business in 1966, building on his successes year after year, soon adding the realization of high-quality wood floors and surfaces.

The Brotto family represents the Italian mastery in the art of wood and the authentic ‘made in Italy’, with determination and passion. The beauty of creating beauty is the guiding principle of the Brotto family. For this reason, Foglie d’Oro is appreciated by a growing number of prestigious customers in Europe and around the world. A global outlook built on solid local roots: all products by Foglie d’Oro are manufactured at its headquarters in Rosà, near Venice, at the heart of a dynamic and creative territory, where excellence is an attitude and a lifestyle.


Foglie d’Oro upholds the founding-family’s guiding principles in the noble art of wood to refine the traditional craft; bringing to market an authentic and high-quality range of wood floors and surfaces which are actually ‘made in Italy’!

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