Foglie d’Oro- Colorsense Series

The Colorsense series, as a result of the synergy between Arte Brotto and Foglie d’Oro, is created to enhance the beauty of Walnut wood and to design
unique and stunning made-to-measure interiors, by using color codes inspired by nature, matching the latest trends in interior design and fashion.

9 Evocative Colors for American Walnut

Colorsense includes a full range of color solutions, all inspired by nature and capable of enhancing the beauty of American Walnut wood.
Ocean Blue, Blue Lagoon, Sky Blue, Green Valley, Green Tea Time, Green Forest, Brown Landscape, Red Sunset, Mountain Rose: 9 different shades, designed and created by Arte Brotto and Foglie d’Oro to customize and make unique horizontal and vertical surfaces – floors and wall panellings, but also furniture and furnishing accessories – in a perfect balance of elegance and originality.

Blue Lagoon
Green Forest
Brown Landscape
Green Tea Time
Mountain Rose
Ocean Blue
Red Sunset
Sky Blue
Green Valley

Wood meets other fine materials

Colorsense also gives the opportunity to make American Walnut wood combine with marble and ceramics, getting always consistent and striking solutions.


Blue Lagoon

Green Valley

Mountain Rose

Ocean Blue

Red Sunset

Sky Blue .


Fior di Pesco

Camelia Green

Azul Bahia

The versatility of Colorsense

Thanks to the Colorsense program fine materials become elements to combine freely and create unique and highly customized design projects.

Colorsense allows you to customize all Foglie d’Oro and Arte Brotto‘s products in American Walnut wood: flooring, wall coverings, furniture, and custom solutions.

Blue Tones

Blue Lagoon.Ocean Blue.Sky Blue

Green Tones

Green Valley. Green Forest. Green Tea Time

Warm Tones

Mountain .Red Sunset. Brown Landscape