“A pure feeling of home. A real feeling for living. ”

High-quality parquet flooring.

More and more, people long for character and a down-to-earth harmony and natural beauty. Or for less common ideas.

It is not surprising that wood captures people’s hearts more than ever today.

And that there are specialists who bring fine woods of the best quality into our rooms. Just like Scheucher.

One hundred years of experience and a never ending passion for natural wood materials are the ground on which Scheucher still stands today.



An invaluable decision-making aid, when selecting your floor, is the quality seal „Real Wood“, which is valid throughout Europe. It marks real wood and differs from all other wood-imitating floor coverings. Moreover the trademark stands for an excellent life cycle assessment of real wood. According to the Europe-wide valid standard EN 13756, parquet is defined as „wooden floor with a wear layer thickness of at least 2.5 mm before installing“.

Parquet is an investment for life. We particularly recommend our SEDA parquet floors, which are treated with natural oils and waxes. The oil deeply penetrates the wood and is cured with oxygen (oxidative). For the finish we use a special natural oil, which makes your floor ready for occupancy. The surface is open-pored, breathable, warm to the feet, natural and prevents static charge. If necessary, scratches and damages can be repaired partially without any problems – so your floor stays beautiful for generations to come.