Foglie d’Oro Artistic Handcrafted Wood Flooring

Precious Italian Floors, a wide range of exclusive parquet for personalized solutions

The finest technology the hands of the craftsman.

At Foglie d’Oro the finest technologies and latest software join forces with good taste and artisan skill planing brushing, carving and antiquing are all carried out strictly by hand.

The finishes, crafted with the utmost care in keeping with the Italian cabinet making tradition, are able to create fascinating effects, with quality
products that preserve the beauty of the wood and accompany it throughout its natural aging process.

Quantity and quality are thus guaranteed: after a long, respectful selection and treatment process, the finest species of wood an FSC® certified (American Walnut, European Walnut, Italian Walnut, Oak, Cherry…) are ready to guarantee a rapid, highly customized response to any request.

In Foglie d’oro, we look at the future without forgetting the past. This is why we are committed to protecting our human and environmental resources without ever compromising the quality of our products and processes.

Extraordinary boards for quality and size that reach a length of 450 cm and a width of 50 cm.

Jumbo Floor is the maximum expression of Foglie d’Oro’s talent for creating floors of unique quality and dimensions This highly exclusive solution is
guaranteed thanks to the complete control exercised over the production chain the painstaking selection of trees at least 100 years old, from responsibly managed forests, allows us to create boards that can be as long as 450 cm and as wide as 50 cm Available in Oak, European Walnut or American Walnut, each floor in the Jumbo Floor line is a work of art able to embody an ancient history that requires no words to make a statement